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Our Full Service Grant Writing Package is designed to position your ministry for long-term grant writing success.

In our Full Service Grant Writing Package, we handle every aspect of developing and implementing an effective strategy tailored for your ministry or nonprofit. With almost 20 years of experience, we have the expertise to help you form connections and build long-lasting relationships with grantors that yield funding year after year.

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Long term
Success Strategy

Tailored for Your

Everything included in
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How it works

Step 1

We ensure that your organization is attractive to foundations and other funding sources. We review all aspects of your organization and alert you to any red flags. This is integral to the success of the grant writing strategy.

Step 2

Next, we prepare the Master Grant Application, Master Budget and Master Letter of Inquiry as templates for each request we send out. Based on program information you send us, we compose these templates to highlight your organizational strengths and program impact.

Step 3

Having completed the prerequisite work, we research and present to you the best matched foundations with a first-year plan of action, based on our research of thousands of funding sources.

Step 4

Finally, we implement the first-year plan. We will develop and submit funding inquiries and applications to the best matched funding sources.

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