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The Christian Funding Directory (CFD) is an online database of foundations and funding sources for Christian ministries and nonprofit organizations. Our directory is incredibly extensive with more than 8,000 funding sources, making it the largest directory of funding sources for Christian ministries! Your subscription gets your ministry access to all the most relevant, best matching funding sources.

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Christian Funding Directory

The world’s largest directory of Christian foundations and funding sources.

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The CFD is continuously expanded and updated to provide you with the most up to date information available on all funding sources that have stated interests in or a history of giving to Christian ministries or nonprofits to maximize your ministry’s opportunity to pursue funding. You’re not limited to the largest and most popular foundations whose application processes are extremely competitive or only those with an open application cycle.

Profile information includes major donors, board members and contact names with telephone numbers, email addresses and website links whenever available to ensure your ministry is able to maximize any existing relationships you may have. All these features made the Christian Funding Directory the first of its kind, winning the award of New Product of the Year when we released it in 2009!

The funding sources included in the CFD vary widely. You can find funding sources interested in youth programs, children’s homes, Christian colleges, international missions, evangelism, rescue missions, women’s programs, homeless outreach, Christian schools, Christian theaters and more!

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