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Grant Writing Packages

Here-4-You Consulting is committed to providing quality, up-to-date, convenient, and effective services to help grow and support your ministry or nonprofit organization. We provide a full range of services to best fit your needs and your budget. To learn more about our company and our team, please visit our About Us page or if you have questions, please contact us today for a free consultation.

Jump Start Package

Online videos and resources to take your first steps.
$ 249 One time payment
  • One year subscription to the Christian Funding Directory
  • Analysis of funding preparedness self-audit
  • Step-by-step guides to developing a Master Grant Application, Master Budget and Master Letter of Inquiry
  • E-Training on Capacity Building, Strategic Planning, Corporation and Foundation Giving, Board Development and Individulal Giving, Government Grant Applications, Grant Management, Program Evaluation, and more!
  • Ongoing customer support

Full Service Package

Outsource your grant writing to our expert team.
$ 12,999+ 25% down + 10 equal monthly payments
  • Analysis of funding preparedness by H4Y staff
  • Master Grant Application fully developed by H4Y staff
  • Master Budget fully developed by H4Y staff
  • 1-year subscription to the Christian Funding Directory
  • Funding Source Report to id the 10 best funding sources for your organization
  • Grant Proposal writing, research, contacts, submission, follow-up, and other efforts included for all funding inquiries based on the contract level
  • E-Training
  • Ongoing Cunsultation provided throughout the contract term

Grant Ready Package

Get one-on-one mentoring on how to secure grants.
$ 5000 $1,250 down + 6 monthly payments
  • One-year subscription to the Jump Start Package
  • One-on-one sessions about your program and ministry, and finding the best matching funding sources
  • Master template documents developed collaboratively with our professional staff grant writers
  • Access to our professional staff grant writers
  • 10 collaboratively developed funding inquiries tailored to the interests and requirements of the funders you have identified

Services to match your needs and budget

Other Popular Services

In our experience, a successful grant writing strategy is one which is holistic. The ministries and organizations that have success in applying for grant funding are those which have a strong organization. Many of our clients are strong in some areas but need help in others. For this reason, we offer services in the areas of:

Christian Funding Directory

The world's largest directory of Christian foundations and funding sources.
$ 89/year

Consultation / Coaching

Designed for organizations needing periodic consultation on individual proposals or issues.

This service can be added to other packages.
$ 100 - $150 /hr Depending on number of hours contracted

Government Grant Development**

Development of an individual grant for a specific funding opportunity.
$ 999 - $2,999+ Depending on level of service and intensity of the application
  • Level 3 - Full Application Development.
  • Level 2 - Outline, consultation, and scoring review.
  • Level 1 - Outline and scoring review.

** We only offer this service a few times per year and only for specific pre-selected grant programs like the Drug Free Communities Grant Program, Compassion Capital Fund, the Institute for Youth Development, and other opportunities.

Funding Source Report

Get a customized list of the best matching funding sources for your organization.
$ 2,000 or $5,000
  • Top 10 best matching sources - $2,000
  • Top 25 best matching sources - $5,000

Grant Proposal Review

Get professional feedback and recommendations that improve fundability.
$ 200 - $300 May vary depending on the proposal
  • Same three-level editorial review that our own proposals undergo, with feedback in each review area.
  • Reviewed for grammar, flow and language usage.
  • Reviewed for content specific to the program, project, or organization.

Grant Program Management

Get outside program management and project evaluation to attract funding sources.
$ Variable Depending on the grant's characteristics
  • Valued greatly by grant reviewers.
  • We'll track funds, develop and monitor an implementation plan, and provide evaluation tools.
  • Periodical financial, evaluation and activity reports.
  • These services can be included in each proposal submitted (fees will be included in the grant budget).
Here-4-You Christian Grant Consulting provides services based on a flat fee with fees based on a per service basis or based on an established contract for services. In keeping with accepted ethical standards, Here-4-You Christian Grant Consulting will NEVER work on a commission, percentage, or contingency basis.