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20 Most Generous Grant Making Foundations for Christian Organizations

The world of grantmaking foundations is constantly changing. A small foundation launched in 2022 can grow to a be an influential and significant foundation in just a few years. Likewise, a very large foundation today, may not even exist in five years. For this reason, we constantly emphasize the importance of foundation research.  This article was last updated in 2016 and is overdue for an update (Check back for an update in 2023). From the original 2010 version of this list of 20 foundations, only six foundations were still ranked as top twenty grant makers.  That means 14 of the foundations listed below are NEW as of 2016 to this list.

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Four Ways to Expand Your Ministry’s Grant Writing Capacity

Your ministry will likely continue or develop a need to count on foundation grant support for your programs and projects. Yet funding is not always easy to come by. This makes expanding your grant writing capacity all-important. You need a strategy. The following are four key components of an effective strategy.

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How to Approach Foundations that only give to Pre-Selected Organizations

Most of the larger, staffed foundations accept applications, with some general restrictions in place, from any nonprofits seeking funding.  However, many smaller, unstaffed foundations do not accept applications and will include a statement that they only give to “pre-selected organizations” or that “applications are not accepted.”

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