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Free Resources to Get You Started

Here-4-You Consulting staff have placed the commonly used or requested files concerning grant writing and funding development on this public downloads page.
When files are added to this page, we will notify the subscribers of our monthly newsletter.

Proposal Samples

These are copies of actual FUNDED grant applications which Here-4-You Consulting has submitted. We thought this might be helpful for clients and prospects to see samples of our writing and the types of grants we have worked on. We will add more as time permits.

Here-4-You Consulting Brochure

Our Here-4-You Consulting brochure will explain our pricing and service structure in a handy brochure which can be printed or downloaded for distribution.

10 Most Common Reasons Grants Are Declined

We would like to share with you 10 important observations that we have learned over the years. With each reason for rejection, we provide you our suggestion.

Reasons for Rejections

Five reasons why your funding requests may be rejected. Whether it is improving your grant writing skills, or enhancing your relationship with God, every rejection can teach you something if you are willing to learn.

Writing a Concept Paper

You’ve identified a serious problem in your community. You envision a program that will make a difference. There is so much to tell, and so little space to say it in! What should be included in a Concept Paper and how should it be structured?

13 Rules for Working with a Fundraising Consultant

Use this document to help you research and select a fundraising consultant. Here-4-You Consulting may not be the right organization to help you meet your goals.