Financial Information

Total Assets: $10,276,259

Total Giving: $515,000

Area of Service:

New York

Areas of Interest:

Not Available




The following grants were reported in 2008:
$28,000 to Operation Exodus-Inner City, New York, NY. To install fire alarm system in new facility, payable over 1 year.
$25,000 to Chinese Staff and Workers Association, New York, NY. For Food Delivery Workers’ Initiative, payable over 1 year.
$25,000 to Credit Where Credit is Due, New York, NY. To expand financial education curriculum, payable over 1 year.
$25,000 to Integral Yoga Institute, New York, NY. For Yoga at School high school project, payable over 1 year.
$25,000 to Sakhi for South Asian Women, New York, NY. For new database and evaluation system, payable over 1 year.
$25,000 to Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, New York, NY. For general support of Partnership to Preserve Affordable Housing, payable over 1 year.
$20,000 to Center for Anti-Violence Education/Brooklyn Womens Martial Arts, Brooklyn, NY. For youth programs, payable over 1 year.
$20,000 to Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, New York, NY. For Youth Outreach Worker Training Program, payable over 1 year.
$20,000 to Mirabal Sisters Cultural and Community Center, New York, NY. For general support, payable over 1 year.
$20,000 to New York Writers Coalition, Brooklyn, NY. For Youth Writers program, payable over 1 year.


Giving limited to New York, NY.
No support for organizations lacking 501(c)(3) status.
No grants to individuals, or for research-related programs, scholarships, fellowships, or matching gifts; no loans.


Giving primarily for youth and other human services, community workforce development programs, and public affairs.


Type of Grantmaker: Independent foundation
Trust established in 1942 in NY.

Quick Facts Sheet

Located in:

New York,

New York

United States

Contact Information / Process

Phone: Not Available

Email: [email protected]

c/o JPMorgan Chase Bank, Philanthropic Svcs.
345 Park Ave., 4th Fl., NY1-N040
New York, NY 10154-0004

See foundation web site for application guidelines and requirements. View application at Application form not required. Applicants should submit the following:
1. Timetable for implementation and evaluation of project
2. Statement of problem project will address
3. Population served
4. Copy of IRS Determination Letter
5. Brief history of organization and description of its mission
6. Copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
7. How project’s results will be evaluated or measured
8. Listing of board of directors, trustees, officers and other key people and their affiliations
9. Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested
10. Copy of current year’s organizational budget and/or project budget
Initial approach: Proposal
Copies of proposal: 1
Board meeting date(s): Dec.
Deadline(s): Sept. 1
Final notification: Dec. 30

Donors & Leadership

Sheba Torbert Snyder

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.