Financial Information

Total Assets: $136,820,848

Total Giving: $11,180,000

Area of Service:

New York

Areas of Interest:

Not Available




The following grants were reported in 2008:
$1,000,000 to Mayors Fund to Advance New York City, New York, NY. For Conditional Cash Transfers program, payable over 1 year.
$500,000 to Good Shepherd Services, New York, NY. For general support for network of multiple pathways programs, payable over 1 year.
$400,000 to Civic Builders, New York, NY. For charter schools facilities development, payable over 1 year.
$400,000 to Uncommon Schools, New York, NY. For general support, payable over 1 year.
$250,000 to Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute, Bronx, NY. For general support, payable over 1 year.
$250,000 to Year Up New York City, New York, NY. For general support, payable over 1 year.
$200,000 to Center for Employment Opportunities, New York, NY. For general support, payable over 1 year.
$200,000 to Highbridge Community Life Center, Bronx, NY. For nurse aid training program, payable over 1 year.
$150,000 to Association to Benefit Children, New York, NY. For youth services and early childhood programming, payable over 1 year.
$100,000 to Reading Excellence and Discovery Foundation, New York, NY. For READ school year and summer reading programs, payable over 1 year.


Giving primarily in New York, NY.
No support for political organizations or public policy.
No grants to individuals, or for endowments, annual or capital campaigns, benefits, legal aid, obligations or debt.


Giving provided to organizations working to break the cycle of poverty in New York City, rather than those which merely alleviate its symptoms. Seeking to provide families with the tools necessary to attain self-sufficiency and build productive lives. To this end, support is to a variety of educational, vocational, and social service and youth development programs designed to catch children and families before they slip into a cycle of poverty and despair, as well as those programs designed to enable individuals to end their dependence on public assistance.


Type of Grantmaker: Independent foundation
Established in 1989 in NY.

Quick Facts Sheet


Located in:

New York,

New York

United States

Contact Information / Process

Phone: (212) 984-2565

Email: [email protected]

101 Park Ave., 21st Fl.
New York, NY 10178-4799

Application form required. Applicants should submit the following:
1. Population served
2. Brief history of organization and description of its mission
3. Copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
4. Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested
5. Copy of current year’s organizational budget and/or project budget
6. Listing of additional sources and amount of support
Initial approach: 3-page letter
Copies of proposal: 1
Board meeting date(s): Quarterly
Deadline(s): None

Donors & Leadership

Julian H. Robertson, Jr.
Tiger Management LLC employees

Phoebe Boyer, Executive Director

Charlie Anderson
Edna Beaudelte
Rob Butler
Gil Caffray
Trent Carmichael
Scott Chace
Chase Coleman
Quincy Fennebresque
Laurel FitzPatrick
William R. Goodwell
Bill Hwang
Kevin Hipp
Tim Jenkins
Ted Kang
Michael Kelly
James Lee
Jon Locker
John Lykouretzos
James Lyle
Pat McCormack
Roberto Mignone
Matt Ngai
Jerry Norris
Brian Olson
Jill Olson
Steven C. Olson
Hence Orme
Stephen Prince
Alex Rafal
Steven Rodgers
Shiva Sarram
Dave Saunders
Tim Schilt
Scott Shleifer
Carter Simonds
Scott Sinclair
Marco Tablada
Bill Welsh
Tiger Williams
Robert Williamson
Teddy Wong
Hope Woodhouse