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Total Assets: £4,246

Total Giving: £3,729

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A. to Assist in the Establishment, Incorporation, Financing, Maintenance and Operation of Christian Foundations in Any Country in the World and to Aid, Assist, Direct and Facilitate Their Activities in All Aspects of the Promotion of the Christian Faith; B. to Assist, Direct and Aid, in Whatever Manner It Can, the Extension O the Operation and Activities of the Said Christian Foundations in Either or Both of the Fields of Medicine and Health Care and in the Improvement of the Circumstances and Conditions of the Sick, Handicapped, Poor, Needy and Drprived: C. to Provide and Assist in Providing All or Any Form of Education and Training in Any Subject for Persons of Any Age, Nationally or Creed; and D. to Facilitate the Development and Conclusion of Any Charitable Works Created by Any Individual, Group of Individals or Corporate Body Either Directly by Consolidating or Including the Same in Any Programme of Works Conducted by the Company or Indirectly by Any Means At Its Disposal in Assisting the Promotion and Completion of Such Works.


Type of Grant maker: Not Available
Established in October, 1988 in Brushfield Street, England.

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Located in:

Brushfield Street, England, United Kingdom,

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United Kingdom

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Phone: 020 7655 4441

Email: Not Available

Maggs & Co 44 London Fruit Exchange
Brushfield Street
E1 6EU

No confirmed application deadline(s) are provided by this foundation. Foundations which do not stipulate deadlines are best approached directly for more information. Some foundations have a continuous intake of proposals. A reference to the fiscal year end may be a useful guide as to when new funds will become available for disbursement. The fiscal year end for this foundation is December.

Donors & Leadership

Directors And Officers:
Patsy-ann Maggs Ma
John Birch Obe
Michael Sheldon
Roger Maggs Ma Fca