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Total Assets: £16,753

Total Giving: £26,119

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1.Tthe Advancement of the Christian Faith in Accordance With the Doctrines Set Out in the Fourth Schedule and the Worship of God in the United Kingdom and Elsewhere by Any Means Whatsoever Including (but not by way of limitation) The Preaching and Proclamation of the Christian Gospel and the Teaching of Christian Doctrines and Principles and the Pastoral Care of Christian People and the Printing and Distribution of the Bible and Christian Literature Including Video and Audio Recordings or Tapes and by Any Other Media Which Is or May Become Available. in Particular, but Without Prejudice to the Generality of the Foregoing, the Proclamation of the Christian Faith Amongst Catholic Youth.
2. The Advancement of Education on the Basis of Christian Principles in Such Manner as the Trustees May in Their Absolute Discretion Decide but With an Emphasis Being Given to a Christian Prospecive on Issues Facing Society and Youth in Particular and the Promotion of Christian Values in the Modern World as Well as Christian Teaching and Training for Those Persons Wishing to Deepen Their Christian Faith And/or Become Engaged Inmissionary Activities Whether in the United Kingdom or Abroad.
3. The Relief of Persons Who Are in Conditions of Need, Hardhip or Who Are Aged or Sick.


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Established in August, 1989 in Solihull, England.

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Solihull, England, United Kingdom,

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United Kingdom

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Phone: 01564 776717

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53 Starbold Crescent Knowle
B93 9LA

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Donors & Leadership

Donors And Directors:
Dermot Cawley
Margaret Louise Cawley
Graham Venables
Patricia Briskham
Raymond Briskham
Catherine Venables
Lynn Joyce Green
Barry Anthony Green
Rev Fr David Keniry