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Total Assets: $51,178,167

Total Giving: $1,408,633

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The following grants were reported in 2008:
$179,426 to Canada West Foundation, Calgary, AB. For Community Development, payable over 1 year.
$73,750 to C.D. Howe Institute, Toronto, ON. For Community Development, payable over 1 year.
$50,000 to Concordia University, Montreal, QC. For Education, payable over 1 year.
$50,000 to Alberta Bone And Joint Health Institute, 400-3280 Hospital Dr Nw Calga. For Health, payable over 1 year.
$19,250 to Alberta Council For Environmental Education, Canmore. For AB. For Education, payable over 1 year.
$5,000 to International Institute For Sustainable Development, Winnipeg, MB. For Environment, payable over 1 year.
$4,336 to Calgary Foundation, 700-999 8 St Sw Calgary. For Community Development, payable over 1 year.
$4,000 to Calgary Health Region, Calgaryalberta. For Health, payable over 1 year.


Applications accepted.


The foundation supports Education, Education
Environment Health & Welfare.


Type of Grant maker: Private foundation
Established in January, 1967 in Calgary, Alberta.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada,



Contact Information / Process

Phone: (403) 215-7310

Email: Not Available

Suite 380, 1201 – 5th Street S.W.
Calgary, Alberta T2R0Y6
There are two types of grants available: Project Grants and Internship Grants. Both have specific guidelines and criteria for proposal application. Guidelines must be reviewed prior to submitting a request. Applicants are asked to submit an initial letter of intent and, if interested, the foundation will request a full proposal.

The following should be included in the letter of intent:
Provide a short (approximately half-page) condensed rationale, or statement of need, that explains why the proposed project is worth doing
State the overall goal(s) of the proposed project
For each goal(s), list the related objectives
List and briefly describe the output that the project will ideally generate, and how they will relate to intended project outcomes and impacts
Explain how the project will accomplish the Foundation’s mission. Give an account of the public policy domain(s) to which the results of the proposed project could be relevant
Provide a budget showing revenue from all sources and project expenditures (including administration/overhead) broken down by year. Indicate what other sources of funding you are approaching and whether any funding has been confirmed
Explain why your organization is the appropriate one to undertake this project. Provide the names and qualifications of the person(s) who will work on the project
All applicants must also include a copy of their registered charity number. All applicants must also submit their Organization’s most recent annual report and audited financial statements.

The letter of intent will be evaluated by the foundation to determine whether it fits the mission, strategic and program priorities, and granting guidelines. If so, a more detailed proposal will be invited.
The Board meets three times each year, usually in May, September, and December. Applications are accepted throughout the year. The foundation requires a minimum of 3-6 months to work with proposals prior to each Board Meeting.

Donors & Leadership

Jim Gray
Carol Hill
Kendall Marra
Anthony C Masi
Tom D’aquino
Carolyn Hursh
Brenda Eaton