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Total Assets: £25,975.

Total Giving: £24,189

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1. The Full Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures; Their Authority and Sufficiently as not only Containing but Being in Themselves the Word of God; the Reliability of the New Testament in Its Testimony to the Character and Authorship of the Old Testament; and the Need of the Teaching of the Holy Spirit to a True and Spiritual Understanding of the Whole.
2. The Unity of the Godhead and the Divine Co-equality of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Sovereignty of God in His Creation Providence and Redemption.
3. The Utter Depravity of Human Nature in Consequence of the Fall and the Necessity for the Regeneration.
4. The True and Proper Deity of Our Lord Jesus Christ , His Virgin Birth His Real and Perfect Manhood; the Authority of His Teaching and the Infallibility of All His Utterances His Work of Atonement for Sinners of Mankind by His Vicarious Sufferings and Death; His Bodily Resurrection and His Ascension Into Heaven; His Present Priestly Intercession for His People; and His Function as the Baptise With the Holy Spirit.
5. The Justification of the Sinner Solely by Faith Through the Atoning Merits of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
6. The Necessity of the Work of the Holy Spirit in Regeneration Conversion and Sanctification; also in Ministry and Worship and in the Exercising of Spiritual Gifts Through the Body of Believers.
7. The Resurrection of the Body; the Judgement of the World by the Lord Jesus Christ With the Eternal Blessedness of the Righteous and the Eternal Punishment of the Wicked.
8. The Observance of Baptism by Immersion of Believers as an Ordinance of Divine Institution; the Lord’s Supper as a Commemoration of Our Lord’s Death but not as Being a Sacrifice for Sin or Involving Any Change in the Substance of Bread and Wine.
9. The Personal Return of the Lord Jesus Christ for His Church.


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Established in. July, 2003 in Wreay, England.

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Wreay, England. United kingdom.,

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United Kingdom

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Phone: 01697475369

Email: [email protected]

The Shieling
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Directors And Officers:
Miss E. Kelly
Mr Michael Richard Lyth
Mr David Young
Mrs Elsie Joy Lyth
Mr Kenneth John Lowe
Mr Michael Maiden
Mr Richard Jaques
Mr Stephen Andrew Blake