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Total Assets: £2,018

Total Giving: £4,806

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The Trustees Shall Hold the Trust Fund and Its Income Upon Trust to Apply Them for the Following Objects:- (a) To Promote, Improve, Develop and Maintain Public Education in and Appreciation of the Art and Science of Yugoslav and Serbian Music in All Its Aspects by the Presentation of Public Concerts and Recitals and by Such Other Means as May Be Exclusively Charitable as the Trustees May from Time to Time Decide and the Provision of Scholarships, Exhibitions and Bursaries for Persons to Enable Them to Further Their Education in Music Generally and Promoting Contacts Between Persons and Institutions and Organisations With the Object of the Advancement of Education in and Understanding of the Music of the Yugoslav Nation

(b) To Advance the Orthodox Christian Religion in Any Part of the World by Without Prejudice to the Generality of the Foregoing the Following Means:-

(i) Teaching and Educating Members of the Orthodox Church in the Doctrines and Practices of the Orthodox Church Its Beliefs and Practices to Members of the Public

(ii) Provide Financial Assistance for the Construction, Repair, Upkeep and Maintenance of Orthodox Church Buildings (including any residence provided for a priest) and for the Upkeep and Repair of the Exterior and Interior Fabric and Contents of Orthodox Church Buildings and for the Maintenance of Services in Such Orthodox Church Buildings Performed in Accordance With the Principles of the Orthodox Religion

(c) The Promotion of Research Into Music, Culture, History and Religion of the Yugoslav Nation Both Contemporary and Historical and the Publication of the Useful Results of Such Research

(d) To Relieve Persons Whether or not They Are Temporarily Located in the GB, but in Particular Citizens of Serbia and Yugoslavia Who Are in Condition of Need, Hardship or Distress as a Result of Local, National or International Disaster or Be Reason of Their Social and Economic Circumstances and the Trustees May Grant Relief to Such Persons Through the Agency of Other Charities

(e) To Advance Education By:-

(i) Awarding Scholarships, Exhibitions, Bursaries or Maintenance Books to Such Persons on Leaving School, University or Other Educational Establishment Approved by the Trustees, to Persons Under 25 Years of Age Who, or Whose Parents Are Guardians, Are Resident in Serbia or Yugoslavia, or Who Are Attending or Whoa Have not for Less that Seven Years Attended a School in Serbia or Yugoslavia and Are in Need of Financial Assistance
(ii) in Providing Financial Assistance, Outfits, Clothing, Tools, Instruments or Books to Such Persons on Leaving School, University or Other Educational Establishment to Prepare Them for or Assist Their Entry Into a Trade, Profession or Service
(iii) in Awarding to Such Persons Grants or Maintenance Allowances to Enable Them to Travel Whether Within or to Great Britain or from Great Britain and to and Within Any County in the World and Between and Within Any Other Countries in the World in Furtherance of Their Education
(iv) To Arrange Exchange Educational Visits Between Schools, Universities and Any Other Educational Institutions and in Particular Between Such Schools, Universities and Other Educational Institutions in Serbia and Yugoslavia, Russia, Greece, Great Britain and Germany
(v) in Otherwise Funding the Education of Such Persons
(f) To Promote, Improve, Develop and Maintain Great British Public Education in and Appreciation of Serbian and Yugoslav Culture Including Without Prejudice to the Generality of the Word Culture Its Cuisine, History, Art and Traditions.


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Established in August, 2003in Barnet, England.

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Barnet, England, United Kingdom,

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United Kingdom

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Phone: 02084414781

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62 Beech Hill

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Directors And Officers:
Reverend Milun Kostic
Mrs Hafa Karic
Mr Zoran Gazeja