Financial Information

Total Assets: $27,000,000

Total Giving: $21,000,000

Area of Service:

Not Available

Areas of Interest:

Not Available




The following grants were reported in 2008:
$500,000 to American Red Cross, Minneapolis, MN. For Emergency Disaster Relief to the Red Cross Society of CN due to the May 12th CN earthquake, payable over 1 year.
$499,375 to Scholarship America, Saint Peter, MN. For Post High School Scholarship Program, payable over 1 year.
$300,000 to University of Minnesota Foundation, Minneapolis, MN. For Global Food Safety Systems Initiative, payable over 1 year.
$207,000 to American Dietetic Association Foundation, Chicago, IL. For Champions for Healthy Kids and evaluation, payable over 1 year.
$202,000 to K T C A/K T C I Twin Cities Public Television, Saint Paul, MN. For operating support and MLK Breakfast, payable over 1 year.
$167,000 to Boys and Girls Clubs of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN. For capital support, payable over 1 year.
$75,000 to Stairstep Foundation, Minneapolis, MN. For general operating support, payable over 1 year.
$10,000 to Asian Media Access, Minneapolis, MN. For Champions for Healthy Kids: Stand Up Participate (SUP), payable over 1 year.
$10,000 to Great American History Theater, Saint Paul, MN. For The Meeting, payable over 1 year.
$10,000 to Namaste Charter School, Chicago, IL. For general operating support, payable over 1 year.


Giving primarily in areas of major company operations, with emphasis on the Twin Cities, MN area.
No support for religious, political, social, labor, veterans’, alumni, or fraternal organizations, disease-specific organizations, or athletic associations.
No grants to individuals (except for scholarships), or for endowments, research, publications, films, advertising, athletic events, testimonial dinners, workshops, symposia, travel, fundraising events, debt reduction, or recreation; no loans.


The foundation supports programs designed to promote arts and culture; education; youth nutrition and fitness; and social services.


Type of Grantmaker: Company-sponsored foundation
Incorporated in 1954 in MN.

Quick Facts Sheet

Located in:


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United States

Contact Information / Process

Phone: Not Available

Email: [email protected]

1 General Mills Blvd.
MS CC-01
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Telephone calls and personal visits are not encouraged. A site visit may be requested for Celebrating Communities of Color program. Organizations receiving support may be asked to submit an evaluation report. Application form not required. Applicants should submit the following:
1. Population served
2. Principal source of support for project in the past
3. Copy of IRS Determination Letter
4. Brief history of organization and description of its mission
5. Copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
6. Listing of board of directors, trustees, officers and other key people and their affiliations
7. Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested
8. Copy of current year’s organizational budget and/or project budget
9. Listing of additional sources and amount of support
Initial approach: Download application form and mail proposal and application form to nearest company facility; mail to foundation for organizations located in MN; complete online grant application for Twin Cities grants, Champions for Healthy Kids, and Celebrating Communities of Color
Board meeting date(s): Ongoing
Deadline(s): Jan. 15 for Champions for Healthy Kids; Aug. 1 for Celebrating Communities of Color
Final notification: 6 weeks; May. for Champions for Healthy Kids; Dec. for Celebrating Communities of Color

Donors & Leadership

General Mills, Inc.

Officers and Trustees:
Kendall J. Powell, Chairperson
Christina L. Shea, President
Ellen Goldberg Luger, Vice President, Secretary, and Executive Director
Donald L. Mulligan, Treasurer
Roderick A. Palmore
Marc Belton
Ian Friendly
Christopher O’Leary
Jeffrey J. Rotsch