Financial Information

$1,072,017 for TOTAL ASSETS
$16,192,387 in TOTAL GIVING

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Areas of Interest:

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General Social Investment Program
The foundation supports programs designed to ensure that resources are used to address high-priority needs and community development. Special emphasis is directed toward programs designed to address education and training; economic and community development; community safety, health, and wellness; the environment; and cultural heritage and the arts. Social Investment funding is only available to communities without a Community Investment Fund.

Grant County Community Investment Fund
Through Community Investment Funds, the foundation supports programs designed to promote local capacity-building, community development, and sustainability. The CIFs are governed by community representatives who cultivate and address projects that serve priority needs of the community and the foundation funds those projects that have a positive, sustainable impact. CIFs are limited to Globe, Graham County, Greenlee County, Green Valley, Miami, and Sahuarita AZ, Climax Area, CO, and Grant County, NM.

Grants to Individuals Program
Scholarships to students pursuing degrees relevant to mining and manufacturing.

Mini-Grants for Education
The foundation awards grants to K-12 schools and teachers to strengthen and expand opportunities for young people to learn and excel in education. Special emphasis is directed toward projects designed to promote the environment; mining, mineral, and natural resources; reading and literacy; and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Grants range from $100 to $500.

Native American Partnership Fund
The foundation supports programs designed to address priority issues and needs in the Native American reservation communities and tribal leaders. Special emphasis is directed toward education and training; health and wellness; cultural preservation; women’s development; and elder engagement. The program is limited to the Hualapai, San Carlos Apache, Tohono O’odham, and White Mountain Apache tribes. Grants range from $10,000 to $75,000.

STEM Innovation Grants
The foundation awards grants of up to $5,000 to K-12 teachers and schools to develop, improve, and expand innovative instructional programs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

University Scholarships
The foundation awards scholarships to students pursuing a degree in engineering or mining at select colleges and universities. Special emphasis is directed towards students entering their junior or senior year studying engineering, sustainability, geology, chemistry, environmental sciences, health and safety, or business. Applicants must apply through participating schools.

Women’s Development Grants Program
The foundation supports programs designed to provide women and/or girls opportunities to reach their full potential and achieve economic success, including education, physical/mental health and wellness, entrepreneurship/employment, and mentoring or leadership development, with a goal of increasing access to key services critical to women’s equal participation and success in their communities.


Not Available


Giving primarily in areas of company operations, with emphasis on AZ and NM.
No support for discriminatory organizations, fraternal, veterans’, or labor organizations, churches or religious organizations not of direct benefit to the entire community, political or lobbying organizations, pass-through foundations, or auxiliary organizations.
No grants to individuals (except for scholarships), or for travel, conference fees, medical procedures, advertising, religious activities, or debt reduction or operational deficits.


The foundation supports organizations involved with arts and culture, education, the environment, health, mental health, crime and violence prevention, employment, nutrition, housing, safety, recreation, human services, community development, science, civic affairs, and economically disadvantaged people.


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Contact Information / Process

333 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004-2189

Contact: Angie Harmon, Social Investment Mgr.
Telephone: (602) 366-8116
Fax: (602) 366-7305
E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail for Angie Harmon: [email protected]; Additional tel.: (800) 528-1182, ext. 8116; fax: (602) 366-7323; e-mail: [email protected], Contact for Scholarship Program: Brittany Watkins, e-mail: [email protected]

E-mailed proposals should be in MS Word or PDF format. Proposals for STEM Innovation Grants should be no longer than 6 pages. Proposals for Mini Grants for Education should be no longer than 4 pages. Organizations receiving STEM Innovation Grants are required to submit a final report. An application form is required for scholarships. Applicants should submit the following:
1. Timetable for implementation and evaluation of project
2. Results expected from proposed grant
3. Population served
4. Name, address and phone number of organization
5. Copy of IRS Determination Letter
6. Copy of most recent annual report/audited financial statement/990
7. How project’s results will be evaluated or measured
8. Explanation of why grantmaker is considered an appropriate donor for project
9. Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested
10. Copy of current year’s organizational budget and/or project budget
11. Listing of additional sources and amount of support
Initial approach: Mail or E-mail proposal to foundation; download application form and mail to participating university for scholarships
Copies of proposal: 1
Board meeting date(s): May
Deadline(s): Aug. 30; Mar. 1 for STEM Innovation Grants; Oct. 30 for Mini Grants for Education; Feb. 27 for scholarships
Final notification: Dec. 15; May 15 for STEM Innovation Grants; Jan. 15 for Mini Grants for Education
Additional information: Scholarship applications should include an essay, resume, and official transcripts.

Donors & Leadership

Phelps Dodge Corp.

Officers and Directors:
Tracy L. Bame, President
Kathleen L. Quirk, Treasurer
Richard C. Adkerson
Michael J. Arnold
L. Richards McMillan II
Dean T. Falgoust
Douglas N. Currault II
Suzanne G. LeBaron
Pamela Masson, Exec. Dir.