Financial Information

Total Assets: $2,403,973,679

Total Giving: $74,166,806

Area of Service:


Areas of Interest:

Not Available




The following grants were reported in 2008:
$8,100,000 to Kansas University Endowment Association, Lawrence, KS. To establish the Institute for Advancing Medical Innovation at the University of Kansas, payable over 1 year.
$2,938,925 to National Bureau of Economic Research, Cambridge, MA. To support research by the Entrepreneurship Working Group, the Innovation Policy and the Economy Working Group, and the Entrepreneurship Research Boot Camp at the National Bureau of Economic Research, payable over 1 year.
$2,752,339 to Harvard University, Cambridge, MA. To support development of the Legal Lab Network at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for the Internet and Society, payable over 1 year.
$1,800,000 to Urban Entrepreneurship Partnership, Kansas City, MO. To support initiative which combines private, public, and nonprofit sector resources to foster minority entrepreneurship, business development, and job creation in the Gulf Coast area after the devastation caused by hurricanes and flooding, payable over 1 year.
$550,000 to University of California, Berkeley, CA. To support the A. Richard Newton Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series and the annual Global Technology Leaders Conference, payable over 1 year.
$530,000 to Public Forum Institute, Washington, DC. To advance the nationwide discussion on the value of entrepreneurship by cultivating key partnerships, monitoring public policy developments, and equipping decision makers with information to support the entrepreneurial economy, payable over 1 year.
$309,522 to Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Atlanta, GA. To explore the character and extent of the division of innovative labor in the American economy across firms and other institutions that leads to the commercialization of innovative products and services, and how that division of labor affects the innovation performance of firms and industries, payable over 1 year.
$200,000 to National Center for Policy Analysis, Dallas, TX. To support a research project on the U.S. Medicare program which will explore entrepreneurial and cost-effective alternatives for delivering medical care to Medicare beneficiaries, payable over 1 year.
$50,000 to Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH. To support the development of a business plan for an enterprise to collect and disseminate private equity fund performance data, payable over 1 year.
$50,000 to Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL. To support research on the entrepreneur’s decision of where to seek seed funding, payable over 1 year.


Giving limited to the U.S., with emphasis on the bi-state metropolitan Kansas City area (KS/MO) for K-12 education initiatives focused on math and science.
No support for international programs, political, social, fraternal, or arts organizations, and capital campaigns or construction projects.
No grants for fund endowments, or for special events.


The foundation works with partners to encourage entrepreneurship across America and improve the education of children and youth. The foundation focuses its operations and grantmaking on two areas: entrepreneurship and education. The foundation strives to foster an environment nationwide in which entrepreneurs have the information and tools they need to succeed. In education, the foundation partners with others to improve the lives of children and their families to create an environment where they enter school prepared to succeed and, once in school, are able to prepare for life as productive, contributing citizens.


Type of Grantmaker: Independent foundation
Established in 1966 in MO.

Quick Facts Sheet


Located in:

Kansas City,


United States

Contact Information / Process

Phone: (816) 932-1000

Email: [email protected]

4801 Rockhill Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64110-2046

To receive a copy of the foundation’s Guidelines for Grantseekers brochure, visit foundation’s Web site or send a request via e-mail or by mail. Application form not required. Applicants should submit the following:
Timetable for implementation and evaluation of project
Results expected from proposed grant
Statement of problem project will address
Explanation of why grantmaker is considered an appropriate donor for project
Detailed description of project and amount of funding requested
Initial approach: Letter of inquiry, less than 3 pages
Board meeting date(s): Mar., June, Sept., and Dec.
Deadline(s): None
Final notification: As soon as possible

Donors & Leadership

Ewing M. Kauffman

Officers and Trustees:
Thomas A. McDonnell, Chairperson
Carl J. Schramm, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer and President
Dennis W. Cheek, Vice President, Education
Nancy McCullough, Vice President and Treasurer
Judith Cone, Vice President, Emerging Strategies
Bo Fishback, Vice President, Entrepreneurship
Wendy Guillies, Vice President, Communications
Robert Litan, Vice President, Research and Policy
Lesa Mitchell, Vice President, Advancing Innovation
Harold Bradley, C.I.O.
John E. Tyler, III, General Counsel
Ramon De Oliveira
Thomas M. Hoenig, Ph.D.
Janice Kreamer
Siobhan Nicolau
Thomas J. Rhone
Benno C. Schmidt, Jr.



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