EMpower – the Emerging Markets Foundation Ltd

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$1,421,842 – TOTAL ASSETS
$1,533,831 – TOTAL GIVING

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Giving primarily in Argentina, Brazil, CN, Colombia, Egypt, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, United States Of America and Vietnam.


To find extraordinary community-based organisations that are transforming the lives of vulnerable young people. The grantmaking process provides the due diligence to select the very best grantee partners so that funding and technical assistance can have as much impact as possible.


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United Kingdom

Contact Information / Process

EMpower, C/O Finisterre Capital, 10 New Burlington Street
London, England W1S 3BE
Phone: (020)-8786-3929

URL: www.empowerweb.org

Accepts correspondence in Welsh or English.

Donors & Leadership

EMpower has 3 boards of directors.
United States
Patricia Ahn, Goldman Sachs
Eric Baurmeister, Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Marta Cabrera, EMpower
Kristin Ceva, Payden & Rygel
Eric Dannheim, Citadel
James Donald, Lazard Asset Management
Carlos Fernandez-Aller, Goldman Sachs
Beth Fredrick, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Michael Hirschhorn, International Human Rights Funders Group
Rachelle Keller
Robert Kushen, Porticus Foundation
Matthew W. Ryan, MFS Investment Management
Thomas L. Saidy, Cartica Management LLC
Jim Valone, Wellington Management Company

United Kingdom
Murtaza Ahmed, SoftBank
Marc Balston
Pierre-Yves Bareau, JP Morgan Asset Management
Jonathan Bayliss, Goldman Sachs
Rafael Biosse-Duplan, Finisterre Capital
Marta Cabrera, EMpower
Xavier Corin-Mick, Reggie Dodge
Stephen Jefferies, JP Morgan
Alessandra Labombarda, BBVA
Mike Lekan
Eric Levine, Citizen Insight
Jeremy Llewelyn
Pontso Mafethe
Fernando Ortega, VTB Capital
Kunal Shah, Goldman Sachs
Parvoleta Shtereva, Gemcorp Capital LLP
Ozan Tarman, Deutsche Bank
Aditi Thorat, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Peter Tolhurst, SC Lowy
Brad Wickens
Helene Williamson, First State Investments
Marcin Wiszniewski
Paco Ybarra, Citi

Hong Kong
Kirk Alexander
Marta Cabrera, EMpower
Stephen Chang
David Fernandez
Maddy Foo
Stephen Glynn
Ben Hall
Ross Hamou-Jennings, Cargill
Aleem Jivraj
Richard Johnston
Wan Sze Loh
Deborah Lowy
E.G. Morse
Rajesh Nihalani, Tybourne Capital Management
Aasha Pai, Philanthropic Advisor
Torsten Pfeifer, Citi
Marie Rosencrantz, Rosencrantz & Co Ltd.
Andrew Seiz


Not Available