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Total Assets: £416

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(1) The Relief of Poverty Amongst the Brethren (as hereinafter defined) and in Particular but Without Prejudice to the Generality of the Foregoing the Trustees in Applying Any Part of the Trust Fund or the Income Thereof for This Purpose May:
(a) Provide or Assist in the Provision of Suitable Accommodation for Members of the Brethren in Necessitous Circumstances on Terms Appropriate to Their Means and
(b) Provide for the Cure or Mitigation or Prevention of or for the Care of Members of the Brethren Suffering from or Subject to Any Disease or Infirmity or Disability Affecting Human Beings (including the care of women before during and after childbirth)
(2) The Carrying on of the Service of God Including the Celebration of the Lord’s Supper Gospel Preachings Readings of the Holy Scriptures and Addresses on the Word of God and Other Meetings of a Christian Religious Character According to the Injunctions Contained in the Holy Scriptures and the Tenets and Practices of Those Christians Forming Part of a World-wide Fellowship Sometimes Known as and in This Deed Referred to as ‘The Brethren’ Who Hold and Practice the Teachings of Christ and His Apostles Contained in the Holy Scriptures as Expounded by His Servants and Ministers of the Lord in the Recovery Mr J N Darby, Mr F E Raven, Mr J Taylor Senior, Mr J Taylor Junior, Mr J H Symington and Mr J S Hales and Those in Succession After His and Who Are in Fellowship With Mr J S Hales (so long as he lives)
(3) The Advancement of Any Other Charitiable Purposes Connected With the Brethren.


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Established in October, 1997 in Wembley, England.

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Wembley, England, United Kingdom,

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United Kingdom

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Phone: 0208 427 4088

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52 Elmstead Avenue

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Donors & Leadership

Directors And Officers:
Mr C H Kingston
Neil Purdom
Mr Stuart Peter Barnes