Financial Information

Total Assets: $248,286,091 Total Giving: $19,868,609

Area of Service:


Areas of Interest:

Not Available


Capital Grants, Collaborative Grants, Equipment Grants, Fund for Women Grants, Grants to Individuals Program, Scholarships


The following grants were awarded in 2015: First Presbyterian Church of Newark,Delaware – $102,333
First Parish Federated Church of South Berwick, Maine – $66,785
Christ Episcopal Church Christiana Hundred of Wilmington, Delaware, $6,000
New Castle Presbytery Newark, Delaware – $3,089
Independent Gospel Missions, Rochester, New York – $1,200
Friends Meeting of Washington, District of Columbia – $1,000
Carey’s United Methodist Church, Millsboro, Delaware – $800


Giving limited to DE.
No support for religious organizations for sectarian purposes or educational institutions for capital projects.
No grants to individuals (except for scholarships), or for annual fundraising campaigns, special events, operating costs, endowments, debt reduction, or sports clubs or leagues.


The foundation is a nonprofit, philanthropic community organization created by and for the people of Delaware to build community. The DCF is dedicated to inspiring and helping people of all backgrounds and means create lasting legacies to benefit the people of Delaware. It enables people with philanthropic interests to easily and effectively support the issues they care about by establishing a charitable fund at the foundation and recommending grants to nonprofit groups they want to support. The foundation offers personalized service, local expertise and community leadership. The foundation itself awards grants to qualified nonprofit organizations that serve Delawareans for selected programs and capital projects.


Incorporated in 1986 in DE

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United States

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Initial Approach: Submit application form and attachments

Donors & Leadership

Officers and Directors:
Thomas L. Sager Chair.
Stuart Comstock-Gay Pres. and CEO
Kelly Firment Vice-Chair.
Richard A. Gentsch Exec. V.P.
David Fleming Sr. V.P., Devel.
William R. Allan Sr. V.P., Southern Delaware
Donald W. Nicholson, Jr.
Valerie J. Sill
Cindy L. Szabo
Michelle Whetzel
Marilyn Rushworth Hayward
Becky Cahill Garofalo C.F.O.
Doneen Keemer Damon
Bill Dugdale Secy.
Martha S. Gilman
Daryl A. Graham
Jennings Hastings
John C. Hawkins
Nancy Karibjanian
Rob MacGovern
Kathleen McDonough
Janice E. Nevin, MD
John W. Noble
Laurisa S. Schutt
Joan L. Sharp
David Singleton Treas.
Gary Stockbridge
Michelle A. Taylor
Rebecca Elzey V.P., Central Delaware
Joan Hoge-North V.P., Philanthropy
Rick Deadwyler V.P., Community Engagement