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Total Assets: $49,295,486

Total Giving: $2,374,738

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The following grants were reported in 2008:
$400,000 to University Of Alberta, Edmonton, AB. For Education, payable over 1 year.
$158,000 to Theatre For Living Society -Headlines Theater-, Vancouver, BC. For Arts & Culture, , payable over 1 year
$133,600 to Fraser Institute, Vancouver, BC. For Community Development, , payable over 1 year
$125,000 to Pathways To Education Canada, 600-130 King St W. P.O. Box 1. For Education, , payable over 1 year
$115,000 to Canadian Defence & Foreign Affairs Institute, Calgary, AB. For Social & Human Services, , payable over 1 year
$109,300 to University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary. For Education, , payable over 1 year
$80,000 to Junior Achievement Of Southern Alberta, Calgary, AB. For Education, , payable over 1 year
$70,500 to Miistakis Institute For The Rockies Inc, Calgary, AB. For Miscellaneous Philanthropy, , payable over 1 year


Applications are accepted.


The foundation supports Youth Development & Career Transitions for Youth and Young Adults, Adolescent Emotional Health & Wellness, Sustainable Environmental Development.


Type of Grantmaker: Private foundation
Established in January, 1967 in Calgary, Alberta.

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada,



Contact Information / Process

Phone: (403) 231-7922

Email: Not Available

P.O. Box 2554 Station M
Calgary, AlbertaT2P2M7

Guidelines should be reviewed prior to submitting a request. The foundation requests that organizations submit a preliminary letter of inquiry as well as your most recent financial statements, and CRA charitable registration number. The inquiry letter should not exceed four pages and must include a brief description of your organization’s history, purpose, scope of activities, and names of your organization’s leadership. The letter should also answer the following questions:
What need or issue will the project address? How do you propose to approach it?
In what way does the proposed project fit within the Carthy Foundation’s mission and programming tracks?
What is the project intended to achieve? How will you define success, and how will you measure the results?
What is the description, work plan, methodology and time-frame of the project?
What is the approximate budget (broken down by year), and what amount are you requesting from Carthy? Over what time frame?
Why is your organization an appropriate one to undertake this project?
Who will manage the project; who will work on it, and what are their qualifications?
What other programs, if any, already exist which are undertaking similar work?
Is this project innovative compared to other work in this field? In what way?
What is the potential impact of this project from a local, regional and national perspective?
How will the project be evaluated and who will undertake the evaluation?
How will the project results be disseminated and to whom?
What are the follow-up plans upon the project’s conclusion?
What other sources of funds are you approaching at this time? What funds have been committed to date?

The letter should be sent in by mail with attention to the Grants Coordinator. If the foundation is interested in your project after reading your inquiry letter, you will be asked to submit a full proposal.
Fiscal year end is December 31.

Donors & Leadership

S B Mannix
I D Beddis
A I Burns
M F Mannix
K A Plintz
M J Mannix