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To Relieve Persons Particularly Children and Young People Who Are in Conditions of Need or Hardship or Who Are Sick and to Relieve the Distress Caused Thereby in Such Parts of the World as the Trustees May from Time to Time Decide Including (though not by way of limitation) Establishing, Operating or Assisting in the Operation of One or More Orphanages or Other Similar Establishments to Provide Care for Children in Advance the Christian Faith in Accordance With the Statement of Beliefs Appearing in the Schedule Hereto in Such Parts of the World as the Trustees May from Time to Time Advance Education in Accordance With Christian Principles by Such Means as the Trustees May Consider Appropriate Including by Means of Establishing and Operating Any Educational Establishments in Such Parts of the World as the Trustees May from Time to Time Decide.


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Established in February, 1999 in Teddington, England.

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Teddington, England, United Kingdom,

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United Kingdom

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No confirmed application deadline(s) are provided by this foundation. Foundations which do not stipulate deadlines are best approached directly for more information. Some foundations have a continuous intake of proposals. A reference to the fiscal year end may be a useful guide as to when new funds will become available for disbursement. The fiscal year end for this foundation is August.

Donors & Leadership

Susie Howe, Director
Carolyn Gent, Networking and Training Coordinator
Andrew Wileman, Supporter Relations and Fundraising Coordinator
Eleanor North, Training and Project Development Coordinator
Brenda Hunt, Office Manager
Catherine Dellbridge, Administrator
Karen Bricklet, Chair
Chrissie Wilkinson, Trustee
Will Bostock, Trustee
Jonathan Smith, Trustee
Dr. Theresa Ekong, Trustee