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Total Assets: £5,417

Total Giving: £1,304

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3.1. the Trustees Shall Hold the Capital and Income of the Trust Fund Upon Trust as to the Income, and All or Such Part or Parts of the Capital, as the Founder May by Notice in Writing to the Trustees Determine, for or Towards Such Charitable Purposes, and to Make Donations to Such Charitable Institution or Institutions, At Such Time or Times and in Such Manner as the Founder May from Time to Time by a Like Notice Direct. Where the Founder Has Not, by 5 April in the Income Tax Year Following that in Which the Income Arises, Given a Direction Which Fully Disposes of the Income, Then Such Income Shall Be Disposed of in Accordance With Sub-clause 3.23.
2.1 Subject To, and in Default of Any Direction Under Sub-clause 3.1, and Insofar as Any Such Direction Is not Exhaustive, the Trustees Shall Apply the Income for or Towards Such Charitable Purposes and Shall Make Donations to Such Charitable Institutions, At Such Times and in Such Manner, as the Trustees Shall in Their Discretion Think Fit. Without Detracting from the General Nature of the Charity, Christian Charitable Institutions and Purposes Shall Be Preferred by the Trustees.3.2.2 the Trustees May, in Their Discretion, for the Period of 21 Years from the Date of This Deed, Instead of Applying the Income of the Charity in Any Year, Accumulate All or Any Part of Such Income At Compound Interest by Investing the Same and the Resulting Income in Any Authorised Investments and Hold the Same as an Accretion to and as Part of the Capital of the Charity, Without Prejudice to the Right of the Trustees to Apply the Whole or Any Part of Such Accumulated Income in Any Subsequent Year as If the Same Were Income of the Charity Arising in the Then Current Year.


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Established in January, 2002 in New Malden, England.

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New Malden, England, United Kingdom,

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United Kingdom

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Phone: 0208 942 0895

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7 Carlton Road
New Malden

No confirmed application deadline(s) are provided by this foundation. Foundations which do not stipulate deadlines are best approached directly for more information. Some foundations have a continuous intake of proposals. A reference to the fiscal year end may be a useful guide as to when new funds will become available for disbursement. The fiscal year end for this foundation is April.

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Directors and Officers:
Ian Angell
Anna Angell